Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog Dare:133

Today's Prompt: Through my child's eyes...

I handed the camera to my son Mikey (5), prior to our walk. These are his pictures, so these are the things around us, through my child's eyes.

Heading out for our walk

Mommy and Ryan

The very busy carpenter ants


Mikey loves fallen trees

Ryan wanted to take a picture too

I was delighted to see his pictures. Yes, there were about 40 pictures that were blurry, and a few I couldn't even tell you what he was trying to photograph. As, we walked he would tell me, I am taking a picture Mommy of that squirrel, leaf, pine cone, crack in the pavement, or tell me the ants wouldn't stay still, but he was was very focused on getting his photos. When I went to down load the pictures he was so excited to see the end result. He had a little story to tell about each one!
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