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Today's Prompt: If only my kids would...

If only my boys would sleep in! We attended a BBQ last night for Memorial Day, and had the kids out late. I was shocked that my boys still woke up early, and were oblivious to the fact that they were up very late the night before!

When do kids start sleeping in on weekends or holidays? Only when they are teenagers? At what point do they figure out it is okay to sleep in on the weekends, if we do not have plans? I am really surprised that they have so much energy this morning, knowing how late we were up the night before?! My youngest was up at 6am, bursting with full excitement to start the day. We did not walk in the door, and put on pajamas, until 9:40pm the night prior! I would love to bottle their energy, as there are days that I could really use it!

Do you have early risers? Do your kids always wake up early, regardless of how late they are up the night before? Do they go back to bed if you tell them, it is too early to be awake? Wish you  had half of their energy and excitement? At what age do kids start sleeping in?
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