Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog Dare: 156

Today's Prompt: The most used room in our home...

The easy answer would be our living room, as that is where the kids play while inside. Although, I think the bathroom might be the most used room in the house, as someone is always in it. Its where I curl my hair, and apply my makeup. The bathroom sink is where my husband does all of his at home crew cuts. The kids are always in there especially since it has been a major source of activity lately. Since, Ryan is potty training, it seems like we are spending most of the day in there, either clapping and cheering for small success, or in there cleaning up little accidents. The bathroom is the only place where the 2 of us can "hide," as there is a lock on the door. Okay, maybe just my husband...one of the kids is always knocking on the door as soon as I get in there. The kids recently discovered that the bathroom holds many treasures, and have started exploring the bathroom. I cant tell you how many times I have found Ryan near the toilet, grinning ear to ear, all while holding the toilet plunger. (Ewww, just the idea gives me the willies!) Its funny how much time you really spend in the bathroom if you really give it some thought.

The bathroom was the one place I knew I could talk to my mom in the mornings before school. These conversations would take place in the mornings when she curled her hair while getting ready for work. The conversations were never long, but I came to really value this time with my mom. The bathroom also became a place, where I would leave little love notes on the mirror, for my mom to find. It was a special place for us, and as strange as that might seem to someone else, I know it meant girl time, and made me closer to my mom during my teen years.

What is your most used room in the house? Does you family seem to live in the bathroom, like ours?

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