Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blog Dare: 160 - It almost ruined my day

Today's Prompt: It almost ruined my {birthday, wedding, graduation}

I am laughing, as I have rewritten this four times now. Each time I think of a memory to write about on this topic, I just think about how I flew off the handle for no reason...and it just seems silly now. How many times did I work myself up, expecting perfection and forgot to just enjoy the day? Was it worth it? Did the day or party go on with out the minor details that I flipped out about? Of course they did, but here are a few times I almost let something ruin my day:
  • Some guy who wasn't even invited, told me about the surprise party for my 16th birthday...to this day I have never had a surprise party!
  • On the day of my high school graduation, my mom and I witnessed a pretty wicked car accident, and stopped to see if the lady was okay...it was only supposed to be a quick run to the store for pantie hose.
  • The day of my wedding was a mess...we forgot the marriage license, cake and knife set, the programs weren't handed out, and everything started so late...thank goodness I was marrying my best friend and he was there to calm my over reaction to the minor details.
  • Nothing about my son Michael's birth, went according to the birth plan that I was sticking to, come hell or high water...once that little man was in my arms, none of those minor details mattered.
  • I made a big deal about turning 30, and I should have just stopped to enjoy the mile stone.
  • On Mikey's first birthday I went nuts when the balloons I had ordered weren't ready on time...looking back the balloons really were not necessary!
  • I balled like a baby, and asked for my Mommy, when they couldn't find the vein prior to my son Ryan's birth...once again holding a new baby kind of washes away the other drama.
Thank goodness I have "mellowed out," over the last year. OK, I am still wound tight about some things, but the minor details just don't seem to matter these days. Life goes on without being perfect...parties, holidays, and weddings all can happen without me flying off the handle!

Looking back did you go nuts at an event you planned? Did a minor detail almost ruin your day?

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  1. Haha, I think my list would be ten times longer.

    1. Oh, the list was way longer...but I just couldn't help but think how silly it was to dwell on the number of times I let stress and the minor details get the best of me. Thanks for reading!