Blog Dare: 172 - If I were my children..

Today's Prompt: If I were my children...

If I were my children
  • I would sleep in, and never get up in the middle of the night
  • I would always smile for pictures
  • I would always try new foods
  • I would never bite, or hit my brother
  • I would always listen
  • I could play in the water and never get cold
  • I would always try new things I have never done before
  • If I had to puke it would never be in the middle of the night
  • I would never make a mess and always clean up after myself
Who am I kidding? If I were my children they would have a childhood much like I did. I often wonder if things would be slightly different if I had two girls, instead of my boisterous boys. I like to think there would still be a few things that we would disagree about, but would girls be just as stubborn? My boys are awesome, dont take me wrong...but there are days that I just wonder "Really? Why on earth did you you just do that?"

Have you ever wondered what your children would be like in a different gender or in a differnt time period? Do you have little angels, that some how become little monsters? Have you questioned your sanity, while doing the same thing you did the day prior, and wondered why on earth am I repeating myself? Do you love your kids with ever fiber of your being, and yet there are times you wish you  could run and hide? What do you remember about your childhood, that you wish your kids could do differently?

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