Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mama Kat's Writing Workshop: An Open Letter

Mama’s Losin’ It

I am joining Mama Kat's Writing Workshop again this week, the topics to choose from were: 10 to-dos in June, an argument in 15 lines or less, an open letter to someone you used to know, Instagram photo back story, and a favorite summer drink.

This weeks chosen prompt: An Open Letter to Somebody You Used to Know

Dear Camp Counselor:
I know you signed up to spend your summer away from home, you probably snuck out of the cabin once we were all asleep to do who knows what, and you certainly do not remember my name. Yet, I wanted to thank you for spending your summer with me. You had a beautiful voice that belted out campfire songs, a great love for nature, and an over all concern for my fellow campers in cabin number 8.You made me love spending my summers at numerous summer camps over the years.

I will not forget arriving at my assigned cabin; you greeted me with a friendship necklace when you introduced yourself. I remember thinking, who was this college girl, who seemed so at ease with all these little drama queens. At bed time you made sure we were all tucked into our beds, and when you stopped by my bunk you asked if I had everything I needed. I just nodded, and couldn't help but wonder how on earth you were going to put up with all of us for a whole week?

The next morning you helped us to all get out the door, to the mess hall for breakfast on time. I was very surprised to see you hop on a table and start singing with two other counselors and the camp director, a simple little song about Johnny Apple Seed, and blessing our food. You later joined us, and explained that we would now have breakfast family style and afterward would listen to announcements. We were sent off to our selected activities, and I can still remember you hugging each one of us, and telling us to enjoy our day.

The week flew by and in a short 7 days: I would over come home sickness, sing and dance in a skit, learn how to make friendship bracelets, sing for my care packages from home, and how to get back on my horse after falling off. You were by my side through the week, and knew when to encourage me to try new things. You molded me into the ideal camper, and you probably didn't even realize the long term impact you left upon me. I walked away from that camp, a different little girl, and followed in your foot steps ten years later when, I myself greeted a cabin full of girls. I realized in that very moment how truly special you were. You didn't do anything elaborate, over the top, or do things that had never been done before. You just gave your heart to a cabin full of girls and showed them how much fun you could have in one weeks time. Camp counselor of cabin #8, I want to thank you for leaving life long memories with me and days that I cherish. The world needs more people like you, and I am thankful that I spent seven days in your cabin learning the simple things in life can be found in the woods, in a cabin filled with divas.

One of the Divas in cabin #8

P.S. - My mother hated that I refused to remove my camp friendship necklace, as it still had not fallen off by September in time for school pictures. She sent the picture in our holiday cards; to this day it is one of her least favorite school pictures! It finally fell off the following March, when one of the knots just couldn't hold on any more.

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