Christmas in July: Elf Mischief Blunders

Elf Mischief isn't always smooth sailing...there are blunders! Just to name a few:
  • The kids are wired, and just wont go to bed
  • The youngest child wakes up, while you are setting up, and walks into the room
  • Elves fall over or off of the table...and end up on the floor
  • Exhaustion sets in, and you are just too tired to think of a new idea
  • Finding your elf has been kidnapped by the family pet
  • Elf Mischief mess leaves a stain or something ends up broken
  • You forget to take pictures of the Elf Mischief
The fun is not always flawless, and no one expects perfection! The idea is to have fun, and think quick! Elf Mischief is all about surprise, and sometimes you just cant make everything turn out the way you want. So, how do you answer questions or explain blunders to your little smartie pants?
  1. Tell them the elves can not cause mischief unless they are sound asleep!
  2. Tell your youngest child you were just helping the elves for one night, as they have to make a quick run to the North Pole, and they asked for help.
  3. Tell them accidents happen, or maybe your elf fell asleep waiting for you to wake up.
  4. Tell them your elves needed a night off or they were called back to the North Pole as there was an emergency at the toy factory.
  5. Tell them that your dog wanted in on the fun, and the elves tried to pretend he was a reindeer.
  6. Tell them accidents happen, but if the stain doesn't come out...they just made the naughty list.
  7. After you are finished kicking yourself...ask if you can take a few pictures of the elves to show your friends?

I was amazed at the little blunders that popped up, but the kids were clueless or just didn't over think about my little mistakes. I just laugh at these fun little blunders, and remind myself that it really isn't that big of a deal! Have you been caught setting up? Did your child ask questions about  an "oops or mistake?" Did you forget to setup Elf Mischief, and the kids called you out or asked why they didn't do anything?

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