Christmas in July: Ideas Not Suitable for Elf Mischief

If you are thinking about adopting a Christmas Elf, have you considered he or she might have been on the naughty list?  What does your Elf do all night, waiting for your little ones to wake up? Have you heard of Elf Off the Shelf? It is a parody of what can happen when you give your Elf a horrible name:
Elf Off the Shelf is available from

With this in mind, here are a few ideas that are funny, but NOT suitable for young children:
  1. Skinny dipping with Barbie in the hot tub
  2. Wine tasting night and a hangover the next morning
  3. Guess what is in my isn't a candy cane
  4. Lets let the pets out of their cages...think small rodents or reptiles
  5. Who spiked the eggnog
  6. Playing soccer with the glass ball ornaments
  7. Writing Christmas bonus checks from Mom and Dad's checking account
  8. Guess what I found in Mommy's underwear drawer
  9. Everyone is getting coal...craft your own coal rocks
  10. Peeping Tom...and why the cops were called
Yes, there will come a time when your children lose the Christmas Spirit, and become teenagers, but I just don't think the above ideas are suitable for Elf Mischief. Yes, there will be a time and a place for such humor...especially if the kids are spending the night with Grandma! Save these ideas for a good laugh, once your sweet little angels are long gone from your home, and have their own little monsters.

Have you wondered what would happen if your Elf was on the naughty list? What if your Elf hated his name? Have you thought about exchanging "bad" elf ideas with other moms, just to make them laugh?

*This was not a review or sponsored post, I just wanted to share the book with my fellow Elf Moms, who have put many hours into Elf Mischief and just needed a good laugh.
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