Hair...It is Over Rated.

My five year old cut his own hair, resulting in his first high and tight hair cut. That was a little over 2 weeks ago, and I now look at him and wonder why I didn't do it sooner. Mikey loves his new hair and tells us that he loves that he can wash and go?! He loves that his haircut is so much cooler, and is great for the summer.

And then there was Ryan...he was adamant, he did NOT want his haircut! He said, "No, cut my hair. I no want to look like Michael." My poor three year old made his first major choice in fashion, and was sticking to his guns. I must admit that I wasn't quite ready to let go of his silky blonde hair, and was right there with my baby, telling my husband it just is too soon. My sweet little guy, has been plagued with cowlicks and bed head since he was born, and I found joy in looking in his sweet little face each morning, telling him how he looks like a chicken.

That was two weeks ago, and then he shocked us tonight when he said "Daddy, I want to look like you, cut my hair like Michael's." I was floored, he was ready to cut his hair, and I swear my heart broke just a tiny bit. My sweet baby faced little man, was making his own is over rated, and he was ready to cut it off. My little guy, took off his shirt, sat as still as a statue, and proudly called "Mommy, come look." He was not the same little guy, I have looked at for the last three years. I swear he aged, and looks so much older than he really is. If he wasn't small framed, and I didn't know any better, he could be Mikey's twin! The two little Monsters, look just like my husband!

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