Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heat Wave

It has been unbelievably hot over the last 2 Weeks, and the kids are holding their own. It is amazing how quickly the heat can drain the kids, and they just want to sleep once we are inside. We have played in the water, and the kids are loving the sprinkler, hose, and water fights. It has been funny to watch the kids while I am watering the flowers or setting up the sprinkler in the garden, as it has become a game of dodge the hose! Momma will spray you if you don't watch out!

I am reminded of how lucky we are when I watch the news. Last week there were major storms all up and down the east coast, knocking out power to homes, businesses, and major Internet hosting sites. I am so thankful that we were able to return from St. Louis, to power and not have to worry. Local communities are still waiting for the electric to be restored. Service workers are cutting down huge trees, and attempting to run wire to areas that haven't had power for a week, in temperatures over 100 degrees. I have no room to talk about how hot it is, as I am typing this in a cool house.

How hot has it gotten where you live? Do you find yourself melting away or sucking it up as there are others that are going with out?

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