1st Day of School "Homework"

Mike had "Homework," on the first day of school! The teacher gave each student a small brown paper lunch bag, with instructions for the child to select 5 things that they like, describes them, or makes them unique. The teacher gave many examples in her "My Bag," such as dancing, dogs, spending time with her family, hiking, and gardening.

Mikey was excited about the assignment, until I explained that he couldn't just throw 5 Transformers in to his brown bag! So, We sat down and talked about 5 things that make him unique, and I was surprised at what he came up with!

He selected a fire truck, a baseball, a dinosaur skeleton, a Christmas card with an elf, and a Lowes patch! I giggled at a few of his selected items, and was really surprised by one. When I asked him why he selected the items he talked about each item, here is what he had to say:
  1. I love fire trucks, and grandpa is a fire fighter in St. Louis
  2. We love the St. Louis Cardinals, and I know that no one else in class will.
  3. Dinosaurs are cool, and we saw them in D.C.
  4. I don't think anyone else knows what "Hammer Class," is...I work really hard to get patches.
  5. Our family has Christmas Elves, I want to know who else sees Buddy and Max, or has an elf?
In the mind of the 5 year old, I think he came up with great ideas. As a Mom, I raised my eyebrows, as I never want anyone to think his ideas are silly or that he stands out. (Thank goodness we love the Ravens, as football is a way of life in Maryland...they might let the baseball team slide.) He was confident in his answers, and told the same story each time I would pull an item out of his bag. Just for fun, we printed a few family pictures to send with his bag, just in the event he flakes out at school, or can not remember when it is his turn to show his bag to the class.

If you were 5, and had to pick 5 items to introduce yourself to a group of other 5 year olds, what would you select? What 5 items do you like or would describe you? (As an adult it would be fun to introduce ourselves this way at a conference or small group!) Would you have difficulty only selecting 5 items? Did your student have home work on the first day of school?

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  1. what a great idea for homework, I would love to to introduce myself that way. I would definitely have my son's nametag from the NICU, my wedding band, my dog's leash, a spatula, and a lock of my curly hair.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!

      I love your intro ideas, and think they would make great convo starters!

  2. That's an awesome homework assignment, and something that would make a great at-home project for kids too! Especially as the years go on- I'll probably steal this idea and have my kids do memory boxes with 5 things that describe them. In 10 years we'll go back and laugh!

    I think your son's thought-process for his choices was really intense. It's amazing how much children know without us realizing it.

    1. I love your idea of a memory box, for the start of school! I wonder how much the answers od items would change at the end of the school year! Looking back, at the end of the Senior year of HS, would be so exciting, and is sure to bring back many memories!

      Thank you so much for stopping by!!!


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