Campus Shift - Saving College Students on Textbooks

Campus Shift Saves College Students from Being Trapped by the Broken Textbook Market

Unlike used book sites Campus Shift also checks e-book prices, projects resale value
YOUNGSTOWN, OH – To help fight increasing higher education costs, Campus Shift is making it easier than ever for students to find the best prices on textbooks. Campus Shift, an online community that helps students find cheap textbooks online and on their own campuses – in addition to other services, searches dozens of online vendors to find not only the best new, used and rental price of a book, but also the best e-book price, and the price that the textbook is being sold back to vendors for at that time.

Using Campus Shift gives students the tools they need to sift through the murky textbook marketplace because finding the lowest price available is not as simple as it should be. While one textbook might be listed at an incredibly low price through an online vendor, that same vendor could be selling another book on a student’s shopping list at a price higher than the campus bookstore or any other vendor.

Additionally, despite the current hype about eBooks saving students money, the Chronicle of Higher Education found that on average purchasing an e-book version of a textbook was only about $1 cheaper than buying the book in print. Even rentals, though appealing for their low up front cost, can end up costing a student more in the long run. Sometimes, the rental price of a book ends up being more expensive than the cost of buying a book new and selling it back for cash at the end of a class.

“The textbook marketplace is absolutely overwhelming for students and it does not need to be that way,” said Campus Shift President and Founder Derek Haake. “Students could spend hours searching dozens of Internet vendors to compare online prices, but end up getting lost really easily with the overwhelming amount of information that plagues the textbook market. We simplify the process and tell the student exactly what the lowest price will be for them online and what they can expect to be able to sell their book back for at the end of the semester. Then the student can check their bookstore prices for a comparison and make the best purchasing decision possible.”

Campus Shift is free for students to use, and a mobile site is even available to allow students to comparison shop while they are standing in the racks of their campus bookstore. The mobile site is available at  For online searches, students can visit    

About Campus Shift
Campus Shift helps college students save money on textbooks, earn money by selling class notes, and helps campus organizations, student entrepreneurs, and small businesses effectively manage, communicate, and grow their internal networks. Campus Shift is a portfolio company at the Youngstown Business Incubator

*I was not compensated for this post, but I wanted to share Camus Shift with my readers who are seeking to save on textbooks. Derek Haake is married to my best friend, a father of three, and founded this company with his business partners while a student himself.
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  1. Here is another textbook price comparison website that compares all leading textbook merchants:

    The Cheap Textbook


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