Getting Ready, Kindergarten Awaits

We are getting ready, as school starts tomorrow morning! The day has finally arrived, and I think I am we are ready. Lord knows, Mikey is...he is very excited, and has asked about a million times what time we will leave to go to school. His questions are endless: of who, what, when, and where? Many times I do not know the answer, and simply answer with, "We will know soon enough!" I hope he gets some sleep, as I doubt I will. (I am just as excited, if not more excited than he is!)

His backpack is ready to go, poor kid looks like he will fall over as it is stuffed with new school supplies.. He cant wait to see what kind of back pack everyone else has. He is of the mind that all boys should like wrestling, and carry John Cena back packs like him. (I explained that he might be the only one...) He has also asked what will the other kids bring to school, as he doesn't understand that there was a list. I never thought that the "what will everyone be bringing?" be such a big deal to him. I'm not sure if it is wanting to fit in, making sure he is "normal," or if it just comes down to general curiosity?

Mikey has told Ryan that he can not go to school with him. This broke Ryan's little heart, and I was surprised at the depth of hurt in Ryan's eyes. Little brother is of the mind that he was at orientation too...met the teacher, and also has a back pack filled with goodies. (Toys) I sat with Ryan, and calmed him, explaining that he would attend preschool, next Fall. I told him we would be just ask excited about him going to school, as we have been for Mikey. He seemed to be okay, and I am hoping he isn't too broken hearted over the next few days, when it all sinks in. Who knows, maybe he will love big brother going to school and all of the extra time with Momma?

Crossing my fingers, for a smooth trip out the door! Our first day of school is a half day, and part of a gradual entrance program. It is a good way to give him a taste of what to expect, and how a full day of school will go. It will run like a full day of school, just cut in half!

Anyone one else starting on Monday? Should I take tissues? Will I be the only one taking way too many pictures? Any tips for how to suck it up, and cut the apron strings?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I so feel for little brother. It's hard to see your siblings leave every single day for so long!

    I hope the first day goes beautifully, and NO, you certainly won't be the only one taking pics!

  2. I hope yours and his first day goes awesome! Such a cute photo! And that's awesome that he's excited and curious rather than nervous and hesitant. Added you to my Wordpress Reader! Kathy Penney @ Pinner Takes All


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