Monday Memories: Teachers That Stood Out

Think back...did any of your teachers stand out? When I look back, I have many teachers that stand out, each one in unique ways. I moved often when I was little, and I wish I could tell you something prior to the fifth grade, but I honestly do not have memories of connecting with any of the teachers. It wasn't until my parents moved me to a much smaller community, in the country that I fell in love with school, and really remember the teachers whom I adored.

My sixth grade teach was about the coolest teacher I could have dreamed of. She was young, single, and full of joy. I mean she just loved teaching and encouraged each of us to try new things, and to never fear the unknown. She shocked us all by telling us one day in class that although there were nineteen kids in our sixth grade class, there would be students in our group that would not graduate high school. (Truth be told, she was right...four of my classmates didn't cross the stage with us on graduation day.) As a class we bonded, and threw her a surprise birthday party at a fellow classmate's dairy farm. She was floored, not only did she never expect a surprise birthday party, but that every student in her class was in attendance. On the last day of school, she wished us well on our journey to Junior High School, and hugged each one of us goodbye.

In Junior High School I was lucky enough to have many teachers whom I will never forget. Three teachers especially stood out; they were friends and birds of a feather. One had wild colored hair that changed monthly, one put cartoons on every test, and one never called me by my real name. As the English, History, and Spanish teachers they made school fun, and I loved their classes! They instilled into each of us, no matter your age keep learning and have a blast while doing it. Travel, explore, write about, and seek to know more about everything you have dreamed about.

High school, brought a new batch of teachers, and each of them tried to wrangle teenagers that wanted to be any where but at school. I was lucky enough to connect with teachers, that to this day I wonder where they are now? One teacher had a wooden coffin in his classroom, one math teacher would let you borrow a pencil if you gave her your shoe, and one teacher sang a soda jingle she once sang on the radio for RC Cola; each of them were awesome and left life long impressions.

As my son heads to school for the first time, I can only hope that he too will love to learn because of an amazing teacher that helps him along the way! Yes, he will find them quirky, and he might even hate the home work that they assign. Teachers are rare gifts, that need to know how much we value there time and talents. They are the ones who teach more than the required lessons, and we are the ones that walk away better people for having learned from them.

Do you still recall the names of your teachers? Did one of them standout? What did you learn from a teacher, that you would share with your children?

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  1. So nice to see you writing about this. I too had a few amazing teachers...I hope that my own children will too. All the best, Monica


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