{Review} Back to School: Blue Ice Packs #Rubbermaid

Ask my little guy which new item he is most excited to take to school this year, and he will tell you it is his new reusable ice packs from Blue Ice, by Rubbermaid. He was adamant about taking his lunch to school, and made a huge fuss over picking out his lunch box and thermos. He then asked how he would keep his items cold? We found the section at our local store, and without a moments hesitation he selected the baseball, football, and basketball of the sports theme Blue Ice packs. (He then selected the monkey for his little brother!) He could not wait to get them home, to put them into the freezer.

He was beyond excited a few hours later that he had perfectly frozen ice packs to use in his lunch box! Sadly, our first use was not for his lunch box...it was for a minor injury that happened later that evening. We grabbed a towel and the new Monkey Blue Ice pack, and gave it to little brother for his "ouchie." We were riding bikes, when little brother fell down, and hurt his finger...yes the grand emergency was a very minor pinched finger! The ice pack was a dream come true, and helped little brother dry up the tears, and kept the swelling down!

Thank you Blue Ice for saving the day! We can not wait to use the sports ice packs as we head back to school, with our homemade lunches!

*We purchased the Blue Ice packs for our own back to school use, and just wanted to share the great news with my readers. I was not compensated for this review, all thoughts are my own!

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