Vlogging Mommies - Thoughts On Being a New Mom


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Join us next week as we link up again, and vlog with some awesome ladies! Check out my fellow hostesses Hanan of LilacCityMomma,Cassie of CrazyCoolCrafty, and Mindi of SimplyStavish; and join in on the fun by linking up each Thursday!

Next week, we are talking about Back to School and tips for school. Did you have a Kindergartner this year? Are your kids excited about a new year? Any tips for getting out the door? What is something you would share with other moms about communication and the teacher? Join us next week and link up, as we share our thoughts on your Top 3 Childrens Books!

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  1. I too had the first time mom klutziness and still do! I cracked up when you were explaining how you would be looking at your precious little newborn thinking how perfect he was and then he would have the biggest blowout. LOL Isn't that how it always works? :)

  2. It's so true! I like to say our first is our "tester", lol!


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