Five Question Friday - Flying, Names, and Leggings

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Questions for Friday, September 28th

1. Do you prefer to drive to your vacation spot or fly? 

  • We are a road trip kind of family! My husband much prefers to travel by car, verse plane travel. If air fare was cheap for all four of us, we would consider flying. In the 15 years we have been together, we have been a plane once and that was before the kids!

2. If you could travel to any where in the world, where would you go and why? 

  • I have a huge travel list! I can not wait to travel to Europe, and see many of the places I have been in love with since I was a small child. I want to go to Cairo, Egypt and soak up all of the Egyptian history that I can. I want to spend valuable time at all of the Disney Parks, with and without my children. (I have only been to Epcot, and want nothing more than to go to Walt Disney World and Disney is that possible, right?)

3. Should grown women wear leggings? 

  • This is the one fashion that I never understood, and I can't fathom wearing leggings as an adult. I have never been fashion forward, and I don't think starting with leggings will be where I need to start.

4. If you could change your name to any other name, would you? And what would it be? 

  • This is something I gave great thought to as a young girl. At a time, where there were 6 Jennifer's in my grade school class, I wanted to be called anything other than the name my parents chose for me! My mom tells the story that they selected two names for me, Jason and Dana. (My mom did not know what she was having, and really thought I was going to be a boy...I had a football toy box...for years!) So, yes I have often questioned what it would be like, if I was a Dana! My mom said when she looked at me, she knew that I wasn't a Dana, and instead selected they very popular name of Jennifer! Knowing all of this...I have never wanted to change my name.

5. What magazines to you have subscriptions to?

  •  I do not currently have any magazines subscriptions, but have in the past! If I did purchase a subscription, it would be to People, Martha Stewart, or Disney's Family Fun. It is the first time in years that I haven't had a baby magazine or craft magazine show up in my mailbox...I just couldn't keep up, and they started to pile up unread. So, when the subscriptions expired, I did not renew, but I know at some point I will sign back up for something.

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  1. I like road trips too because I love coming up with games to play! I have been subscribing to Family Fun for over 20 years lol!


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