Monday, September 10, 2012

#HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness - Road Trip!

What if you put a blogger,  a social media maven, a female car expert, and a cancer survivor in one car? What if there was a cause that needed attention, such as Breast Cancer and mammograms, that NEEDED to be covered in all forms of social media? What if a huge road trip was planned, to drive across country from Los Angeles to New Your City? What if there was a pit stop planned on each leg of the 7 day trip, to sit down with these ladies?
Well for the second year in a row, its happening! I am proud to be supporting these amazing women as they take an amazing road trip across the US, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. They are taking the "what ifs," and joining together to get the word out through HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness!


Jenny Fortner Social Media HerHighway Drive Team>

Jenny Fortner is a mom, trying to hold onto her sanity, while writing “The Green Eyed Momma,” blog and chasing after two little boys. In her free time she stays up all hours of the night crafting, baking, and finding the next local event to attend with her family. Jenny resides in the Greater Baltimore area with her husband and best friend, Chef Mike.

How excited or why are your participating with HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness?
When I heard about HerHighway, I was so excited to join a cause very close to my heart! I am honored to be joining the team in support of my Aunt Jill, who has been in remission for 5 years. Jill has added many new accolades to her name since her diagnosis and double mastectomy such as: survivor, advocate, marathon runner, and mountain climber.

As a woman what features are your favorites in a car?
As a woman and mom on the go, I need lots of space and storage room. It seems like I can never get out the door, without dragging a ton of stuff with me. A car that offers additional cargo room or space, is the key to holding all of our stuff, and would be a huge help to our family!

What is your proudest social media achievement?
I am proud to say that I spent last Saturday interviewing, Ted Monachino, Linebackers Coach for the Baltimore Ravens! This was 100% made possible thanks to social media, and the ability to connect so easily via Twitter and Facebook!

What is your current challenge at work?
There aren’t enough hours in the day!

What is your top advice to other women for social media?
Social media is a tool, embrace it and make it work for you! I have connected with so many brilliant women, brands, and causes thanks to social media. It is vital to connecting and has become a valued tool and resource.

Dream job?
I love blogging and social media. A dream job would use my skills as a writer, and would support my family in the process.

What you do to relax?
When I have a few moments to unwind and relax; I love to craft, bake, enjoy photography, or plan our next family travel adventure.

Who have you mentored, or/and did someone mentor you in social media to help you get started?
I am lucky enough to have a mentor, and she had no idea she was guiding my journey to social media. She simplified and explained how to reach out, at a time when I felt that I was just another small fish in the social media pool. She extended her hand, and I am so glad that I took Cassie Wasem, of CrazyCoolCrafty's, offer of guidance. I have her to thank for leading me to connect with my tribe, and an amazing group of fellow bloggers, that has lead to many more connections and additional mentors. It is truly an honor to call her my mentor and friend!

Learn more about Jenny on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and YouTube.

 *All opinions in this post are 100% my own. I am joining the HerHighway Team, as an at home social media team member! Just wanted to share the good news!


  1. That's awesome that you'll be supporting from home!

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  3. Awe, you gave me a shout out! Thanks! and I am happy to help you when I can. I can't wait to follow along on your at home journey!!