Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Will Never Forget September 11th

How will you honor those lost on 9-11?
Will you take a moment of silence?
Will you watch, listen, or follow on social media the reading of the names?
Will you take the time to thank a police officer, fire fighter, or city worker today?

Today we honor those who were taken to soon.
We honor the living, and the numerous children who were born soon after.
We honor the countless heroes, no matter how small their part was in the rescue effort.
We honor the the union workers who are rebuilding, and thank them for their tools that are helping to heal hearts and the spirit of the New York City!


  1. This is a day I really don't think anyone in our country will forget. I can tell you down to the minute where I was.

  2. Cassie, I can too! I was at work, and my husband called me to tell me I needed to get in front of a TV. I watched, as if in slow motion as the second tower was hit. The whole day is still very vivid in my mind. Praying my children never have to ever see anything like 9/11.