Dining With Dad

Mikey and Daddy headed to school very early, to have breakfast together in the cafeteria, before school started. We did not know what to expect once they arrived, but we crossed our fingers! The guys were very happy to find lots of fruit and donuts. Mikey was so excited, and reminded Daddy to pictures as Mommy and little brother were unable to go. 

Thank you Mike for going into work late, so that you could share this special opportunity with our Kindergartner. I am thankful and honored to know how much you value this time with Mikey. I know that there were students that did not have "Dads" there today, and I know it meant the world to our son.
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  1. I was very happy to be able to go for Jr., growing up I was one of those kids that didn't always have my dad around because he was working to hard to provide for my sister and I. I don't blame him one bit and as the saying goes, we always want to give our kids the things we never had so I will always do my absolute best to be there for both Jr. & Ryan so they can look back and be proud of their daddy.


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