Elfin' Around - Trimming the Mini Tree {#ElfinAround}

Buddy and Max, had a very busy night setting up the mini tree! This "Charlie Brown." tree needed a lot of love, and they did their best! They found elf sized ornaments, and made garland out of stickers. The best part? They found our family ornament to remind us that being all together for the holidays is really important!

I had to chuckle this morning, as the kids woke up very early to see if Buddy and Max did fun overnight. Little did they know that once Buddy and Max cause mischief, they aren't going any where, so getting up at 6 am isn't really necessary!

Do your kids have any decorations or a tree in their rooms? Do you leave the lights on or turn them off at bed time? (Last year we let them fall asleep with the lights on, and then we would unplug them when we later went to bed.)

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