{Review} The Tale Of The Tooth Fairy

Where did The Tooth Fairy come from? This endearing book answers that age-old question for kids in the most delightful terms, beginning with the story of how one fairy came to realize that there was a great need for children to enjoy the first signs of growing up–especially losing a tooth–and to know how the job of The Tooth Fairy came to be a special honor among fairies. This book takes the most thoughtful approach to the tooth-losing process: its magical illustrations will make kids smile; the 9"-tall cloth fairy doll (choose Boy or Girl) is both playful and a comfort; and the illustrated chart for recording lost teeth (with a pouch to put them in) gives kids the last word. The keepsake box is a room for the fairy to live in while waiting for the next lost tooth.

Our time is coming for our first visit from The Tooth Fairy, and I welcome goofy toothy smiles. I am so excited to share with the kids, The Tale of the Tooth Fairy Set. One of the things that drew me to this set was that it offered a BOY tooth fairy! I know this sounds silly, but who said The Tooth Fairy has to be a girl?  The Tale of the Tooth Fairy thought of each child, and was very inclusive when they created both a girl and boy doll to include with the book! You will love the doll, as he has green messy hair, teal gossamer wings, and everything a boy would love! (Nothing too girly, or pink!)

One of the great things that I found on the website, was a preview of the complete 16 page hardback book. Have you wondered where the Tooth Fairy came from? How did the Tooth Fairy learn that collecting teeth was an important job?The bright and colorful illustrations, and The Tale Of The Tooth Fairy explain it all.  I was overjoyed to see that our book was personally signed by the author, Brian Ledig and illustrator, MK Fleming! 

Your Tooth Fairy doll will come with a tooth collection pouch, and the book has a full color tooth loss chart. This set truly has thought of everything, for your first visit from the Tooth Fairy! This set would make a great gift at a baby shower or for anyone who is preparing for the big moment! Are you ready for the Tooth Fairy?

Tale of the Tooth Fairy can be found on Facebook.

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