Vlogging Mommies - 2013 Hurdles or Fear Of Changes?

How is 2013 going for you? This week we are talking about the biggest hurdle or fear of keeping your goal or resolution for 2013? What scares you? Why will it be a challenge to make changes or meet the goals you have set?

Join in on the fun, and tell us why you are facing a few hurdles  try to make changes in the New Year!

Next week we are talking about Random Acts Of Kindness? How can you change someones day? Can your act of kindness, encourage someone else to also share the love? Have you considered paying for someones cup of coffee? Ever seen a member of the military eating with their family, and thought about paying for their meal as a way to say thank you? Have you checked in on a neighbor who has been fighting the Flu? Join us next week as we talk about small "changes," or random acts of kindness that will change someones day for the better!

Join in on the fun, and comment below! 

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