Vlogging Mommies - Mushy Love Stuff vs. Guys

This week we are starting a series on love! Tell us how you show love to your family, when they aren't "mushy love stuff," kind of guys. Meaning my son just told me to not hug him at the bus stop...how do you say I love you in front of your child's peers? When my Grandfather was alive he was never overly affectionate, but I kissed him on the cheek any way. How do you tell someone or show your family I love you?   

Join in on the fun, and tell us the mushy love stuff.

Next week we talking about Valentine's Day! Do you have plans or any surprises for your family? Do you go out to eat or make a special meal at home? Do you send Valentine's Day cards via the mail? Do you bake or make sweet treats with the kids? 

Join in on the fun, and comment below! 

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