Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ravens Win!!!

It was beyond amazing to watch the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl! For me to watch the team receive another Lombardi Trophy,  was surreal as I was able to see the 2000 trophy up close while at the Raven's training facilities last September. I am so proud and honored to have been able to interview Linebacker Coach Ted Monachino, and would love nothing more than to sit down with him again, now as a World Champion Coach! It takes a TEAM, to win successfully, and each of you played a key role in making that happen. Coach I know your family is so proud of you, for all that you do on and off the field!

Thank you Baltimore Ravens for a great Season, and few nail biters! Seasons like this are why I love football, and everything it entails! Come home safely guys, your city cannot wait to congratulate you in person and have a parade in your honor!  
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  1. When I hear the Ravens won I thought of you right away!