{Book Review} Shimmer & Splash: The Sparkling World of Sea Life

Shimmer & Splash: The Sparkling World of Sea Life - Over 200 marine species are beautifully illustrated and accompanied by fascinating descriptions and facts such as size, weight, length, and where you can find these sea-dwellers. 


Arnosky’s  award-winning nature books delight children, parents, and teachers alike— and Shimmer & Splash captures the endless variety of spectacular aquatic creatures, which include stingrays, dolphins, blue marlins, man-o-war, swordfish, a green moray eel, manatee, and a great white shark, along with many true-to-life size illustrations of fish and the teeth of a variety of sharks. This book is perfect for the marine-biologist-in-training or anyone who is fascinated by all creatures of the sea. 

My boys loved every single fact and illustration of Shimmer & Splash. They spent hours looking at each creature, as they just loved the colors and vibrant life like drawings! I enjoyed reading to them abut the manatees, and blue marlins, as each were so unique and the kids have have never seen either of them in real life. Each age level or reader will get something different from reading Shimmer & Splash, as there is a wealth of information that captures the attention of who ever is reading it. 

Shimmer & Splash: The Sparkling World of Sea Life can be found on Amazon or at most major book sellers.

*I received a copy of the book for my personal review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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