{Review} Barely There - Rewriting the Law of Gravity

This is a sponsored post. As a Barely There Blog Squad member, I have received product samples for sharing information about the company, and their products.

You've heard that all things that go up, must come down...thanks to Sir Issac Newton. But you should know that Barely There, is rewriting the Law of Gravity, and is saying "Gravity schmavity!" This Fall, who says that leaves are the only things that you need to think about? Not everything needs to be on the ground or fall down! 
Barely There is rewriting the law of gravity, one cup at a time! Introducing the new innovative Customized Lift system featuring 5 customized petals to give you the perfect amount of lift every time.

This short clip, shows all the great details of how Barely There is sharing the great news, and rewriting the Law of Gravity:
Fuller Coverage Customized Lift (Style #5776)
  • Fuller coverage cup and back
  • Innovative Cup Design
  • Vanishing cup edges
  • Seamless look under clothes
  • Available in White, Black, Soft Taupe, Warm Steel, and Lucky Leopard
  • Sizes: 34-36A, 34-38B, C, and D

As a busty gal, I have always been concerned about my bust line and my overall appearance. Over the years I can recall attempting to cover them up, crossing my arms over my chest, or wear clothes that were very unflattering; all in an attempt to hide or run from gravity! I grew up in a family of large chested women, and remember my aunts sitting around laughing about great aunt so-and-so needing a boulder holder. As the amazing women age in our family, gravity takes over and the "girls" are a lost cause. 

What if I told you that you only needed a little LIFT?! That it really is that simple, and that each cup size is catered to via the Barely There Customized Lift system! This innovative new way of lift, support, and level of comfort is found in the bras petals within the cup?! No matter your cup size, choice of color, or selection of underwire, your fear of gravity never has to rear its ugly head again! Will you join us in saying, "Gravity schmavity?" Rewrite the Law, be free to wear what you want, and love your curves!

Want to know more about Barely There? Seeking comfort and lift in your bra? Barely there would love to help you rewrite the law of gravity! Check out Facebook, Twitter #CustomizedLift, Instagram, and the Barely There website for the latest in trends and colors.

*I am a member of the barely there blog squad, and received a product for my personal review. I was not compensated for giving my thoughts on the product; all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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